Ultra Intelligent Smart Watch | 49mm Emblematic Infinity Screen | Connects Seamlessly with Apple iPhone & Android Devices

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Hit The Zone 

Encounter the most rugged & captivating watch ever. With a robust case, withstands up to 20 hours of battery life and a specialized strap made just for you. Experience a timepiece that embodies your adventurous spirit, crafted meticulously for your journey.

Toughness Reinvented

To build the ultimate watch, every element of the watch is crafted with painstaking attention to detail for ultimate performance. 



The new Action button gives you quick, physical control over a variety of functions. Just like you, it is full of every worth.

Everything at the right place

An essential tool that fits on your wrist. This watch packs amazing capability into a surprisingly small space.

Key Features  

  1. Size: 49 mm: This indicates the diameter of the watch's case. A 49 mm size suggests a larger watch face, which could provide more space for displaying information and features.

  2. IP6X Dust Resistant: This rating indicates that the smartwatch is designed to be highly resistant to dust ingress, providing a level of protection that prevents dust particles from entering the device.

  3. Action Button (International Orange Colour): The inclusion of an action button, especially in a distinctive color like international orange, suggests that the button may have a specific function or purpose, such as triggering emergency alerts or performing specific actions quickly.

  4. Always On Retina Display: An "Always On" display is one that remains partially active even when not in active use, allowing you to quickly glance at the time or other relevant information without needing to actively wake the display. A "Retina Display" is a term used for its high-resolution screens.

  5. Dual Speakers: The presence of dual speakers suggests that the smartwatch is capable of producing stereo sound, which can enhance the audio experience for activities such as listening to music, receiving alerts, or making calls.

  6. Siren: The inclusion of a siren implies that the smartwatch has a built-in loudspeaker capable of emitting a loud sound. This could be used for safety alerts, finding the device if misplaced, or even as a personal alarm.

  7. Three Microphone Array: A microphone array consisting of three microphones can provide better noise cancellation, improved voice recognition, and overall enhanced audio quality during voice calls and voice commands.

  8. Digital Crown: The digital crown is a rotary input control. It can be used for scrolling, zooming, and navigating the interface without obstructing the touchscreen.

  9. Battery: Up to 20 hours of normal use: This indicates the expected battery life of the smartwatch under regular usage conditions. A 20-hour battery life suggests a device that can last throughout a typical day of use without requiring frequent recharging.


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