Set Of 5 Flawless Skin And Shiny Hair Essential Oils 15 Ml Each

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Cradling in the lap of the imperial Himalayas, Lavender is one of the most beautifully scented medicinal flowers. Pure Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil is extremely relaxing and soothing as it's rich in detoxification, hypotensive and sedative properties. This potent elixir can be used for topical skin and hair therapies, and can also be diffused into aromatherapy. Cosseted for its balsamic aroma and delightful benefits for holistic wellness, Frankincense essential oil is 'the' ultimate solution for skin and hair woes. It possesses antiseptic and astringent properties and is a top-notch healer. It soothes, alleviates itchiness and rectifies age spots on skin while showering lustre and vitality on hair. This potent elixir can be used for topical skin and hair therapies, and can also be diffused into aromatherapeutic usage. Submerged in the world of purity, this all rounder Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil is your confidant for eternally beautiful skin, nourished hair and a serene mind. It is extremely useful for blemishes and acne prone skin. Give that ounce of extra care to your hair and body by adding few droplets of this oil in your regular hair and skin care regime. When used in diffuser, its aroma elevates your senses and gives solace, reducing weariness. Look no further in your search for an unprecedented health booster and replenisher. A king in Egyptian beauty regime, Geranium oil is a treat to skin and hair. Sway your tresses in style and flaunt your skin in glory with this oil's rich energising properties. It is known to be a pain healer and to increase blood activity in body. It also works well on visibly reducing wrinkles and giving flawlessly radiant skin. Because true beauty and well being are not perfunctory, also explore for aromatherapeutic usage for internal detox and immunity against seasonal allergens. Affaire de luxe with the most scintillating and therapeutic flower that quickly drenches you with all romance and care you need. It's a natural mood enhancer and replenishes and detoxifies your skin, hair and soul. It balances pH levels, revives moisture, tones and eradicates acne marks and blemishes. And, it's addictive in aromatherapy! The epitome of luxurious wellness, allow this essential oil to devour your senses viscerally, leading to bodily, mental and spiritual symphony.

Type: Others
Suitable For: All Skin Type
Country of Origin: India

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