Bottle Attachable High Pressure Indoor & Outdoor Water Spray Gun (Assorted) - 1 Piece

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In this world of easy and quick fixes, Webzaar presents to you one such convenient spray gun which can multitask. How we have been categorizing the use of spray guns lately. There are water spray guns, air/airless spray guns then there are paint spray guns and so on and on. We present to you a product which serves multiple purposes altogether. There is no further need to stress yourself on which type to. This product gives you an easy and quick fix for all in no time. We have specifically designed it in such a way that it fits universally and effortlessly with almost all beverage bottles. Unlike other spray guns it has an easy grip which gives you a tight handle on your product and eventually lessens your effort and even better, it has a soft trigger press which reduces fatigue to quite an extent. It is very much convenient to use. Our product is light weighted thereby contributing to even lesser fatigue. The best feature of this spray gun is it's multiple uses in different unrelated fields. You can wash off stains on the kitchen slab/ sink with it, you can steam iron clothes, you can clean/wash your bike/car. It also contribute to a great extent in the plants kingdom, we can water/spray/clean bonsai's and plants in nurseries and gardens. With the help of our spray gun you can paint your masterpieces as is quite compatible with water painting. Idealistic toy for kid's water fights and festivals. With the help of this you can also sprinkle oil in bakeries or cooking sessions. Like being said this product can help you from cleaning your stains off things to cooking your food. It is flexible. To make it sweeter we provide our spray gun with an adjustable nozzle. It helps you control the pressure and gives you an automiztion effect you desire. It can be either loosened (preferable for the sprinkle effect) or tightened (preferable for the stain remover effect). Or you can simply optimise it up to your choice however you would prefer. It is very much adjustable.

Type: Water Bottles
Material: Plastic
Country of Origin: China

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